Product Summary

Sample image of bag products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Don't get caught out without a bag to hand! We have a huge selection of bags in lots of different materials, styles, colours and sizes in stock. Even if you are not sure what you're looking for, we're bound to have something that you can get carried away with! Get your company noticed with our custom printed carrier bags.

  • Carrier bags - plain, coloured, custom branded
  • Paper and polythene bags
  • Food service bags and wrappers

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Catering Disposables
Sample image of catering disposables products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight How you package your food can have a big impact on how much you sell. In today's world we are all aiming for less packaging but you need to know you have the right product for your business. Finding exactly what you need can be frustrating but Betapak can help with a huge selection of products in all shapes and sizes.

  • Cups, pots and containers
  • Cutlery & dining disposables
  • Takeaway disposables and much more...

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Catering Equipment
Sample image of catering equipment products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Betapak's Caterer's Kitchen catalogue is home to over 14,000 specialist catering products. We can source and supply all of your kitchen needs - from appliances and equipment through to food preparation items, clothing for kitchen and waiting staff, furniture, sign boards, barware and even the table numbers!

  • Kitchen appliances & machinery
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Clothing and dining service items

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Cleaning / Janitorial
Sample image of cleaning / janitorial products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Cleaning no longer needs to be a chore with Betapak! We provide an excellent range of cleaning products which are tried and tested in a variety of environments. Your premises can sparkle and shine all year from ceiling to floor - we have everything you will need be it in bulk 5l containers or trigger sprays.

  • Evans cleaning products - full range
  • Gloves, paper products and liners
  • Hygiene & patient care

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Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware
Sample image of cultery, crockery & glassware products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Where do you turn when you need an item of specialist catering equipment? Well look no further than Betapak! We have over 14,000 catering product lines in our Caterer's Kitchen catalogue. We can help you with your crockery, cutlery and glassware items, utensils, clothing and all dining service items and sundries.

  • Cutlery, crockery & glasswares
  • Utensils, pots and pans
  • Dining service items & sundries

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Drinks & Water
Sample image of drinks products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Drinks supply run dry? We carry a great selection of bottled drinks, cans and ready-to-drink cartons in stock. Water is available in a selection of sizes and brands, from 330ml to giant 18.9l water cooler barrels. Why not refresh your shelves with Betapak - we're bound to have something to wet your whistle!

  • Standard 330ml cans inc. diet/zero drinks
  • Bottled drinks, water & juices
  • Chiller cabinets & water coolers

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First Aid
Sample image of first aid products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight When was the last time you checked the contents of your First Aid kits? How many times have you needed a strip plaster but only found a square patch inside? Is it time to get the box off the hook and have a good rummage inside? Do you need to get HSE compliant but don't know where to start? Betapak can help!

  • First aid boxes and kits
  • Plasters, dressing & bandages
  • Signage, posters and accident books

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Sample image of furniture products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Purchasing office, reception or catering furniture doesn't have to be hard work. We can help you find the shape, style, size and colour of any furniture you need in a fresh and modern look. Should your budget not extend to brand new, we also carry an extensive selection of second-hand items too!

  • Desks, chairs and tables
  • Storage units and accessories
  • Installation and fitting service

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Light Bulbs
Sample image of lighting products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight No-one wants to be left in the dark when a light bulb blows, so you can call Betapak and we can get one to you the following day. We have a range that covers virtually all types of light fitting - we can light up your day! As well as the bulbs, we can also supply desk and office lighting products to put them in!

  • Filament, halogen and LED lamps
  • Strip lights and fluorescent tubes
  • Specialist fittings

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Sample image of machine products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Having the right coffee machine in your establishment is important, so Betapak offers a wide range of options. From self-service to café we have it. If you need a water cooler or milkshake mixer, we can help you get what you want when you need it! Once you've got it, we can service and maintain it for you!

  • Coffee machines on lease or purchase
  • Vending machines / refrigeration units
  • Water coolers and milkshake mixers

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Packaging Materials
Sample image of packaging products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight When it comes to packaging Betapak have everything under wraps! Since taking over Island Packaging in 2009 we now carry the Island's widest range of cartons, wrapping, tape and strapping available for next day delivery (same day often possible too!). Many items are also available from our Trade Counter too.

  • Boxes and cartons
  • Protective wrapping - bubble, loosefill, foam etc.
  • Mail room sundries & accessories

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Sample image of catering disposables products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Paper - even in this electronic age every business needs paper. Where can you go to get the best deal? Betapak are here to help! Whether you need one ream or 50 boxes, we carry a large selection of paper products in stock. We will even try to get any specialist brand, size or weight that you're looking for.

  • Day-to-day and specialist papers
  • Card up to 300gsm
  • Laminating & binding supplies

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Retail Sundries
Sample image of retail sundry products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Do you need to get your stock priced and labelled? Not sure what you want or how to start? Betapak can help you get your products noticed and sold. With a huge range of pricing and tagging equipment and supplies available, along with a wide range of point-of-sale items, trust Betapak to get you started!

  • Pricing guns and labels
  • Tags, POS materials, banners
  • Wrapping paper, cellophane etc.

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Shop Fittings
Sample image of shop fitting products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Is the stock sitting in your shop not getting noticed? Betapak can help you utilise your space better. Whether you are revamping or simply updating, we can help you plan and advise you on what type, style and size furniture to purchase. Make use of every nook and cranny to maximise your selling potential!

  • Slatwall and accessories
  • Rails, baskets and bins
  • Design, installation & fitting service

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Sample image of stationery products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Why, in this paperless age we are in, we have need for more stationery than ever before?! Betapak carries over 15,000 stationery products available for next day delivery. Let us help you get your desk organised and your paperwork filed and securely archived - allowing you more time to focus on your business!

  • Office essentials & filing products
  • Technology products - toners, cartridges etc.
  • Storage and presentation equipment

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Tea & Coffee Supplies
Sample image of tea & coffee products supplied by Betapak Isle of Wight Since taking over Island Tea & Coffee in 2009 we have been providing the Island with a range of tea and coffee blends including our own Island Blends products especially formulated for our hard water. From bulk teabags to finely blended coffee, any time can be time for tea with Betapak's service!

  • Tea and coffee products inc. Fairtrade options
  • Sugars and syrups from single-serve to bulk
  • Biscuits & portion control

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