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Retail Sundries

Betapak - Retail Sundries

Do you need to get your stock priced and labelled? Not sure what you need or where to start?

Betapak can help! We can get your products noticed and sold. So now you can get started labelling, tagging and pricing!


  • Price Guns from brands including Lynx, Puma, Nor D & Metro
  • Labels in various colours and designs
  • Ink rollers
  • Plain and Bespoke Printed tickets


  • Tagging guns
  • Replacement needles
  • Tagging attachments
  • Security loops
  • Euroslot products - Hanging Tags & Slotpunches


  • Liquid Chalk pens
  • Jewellery dumbbell tags
  • Labels - printed or plain
  • Strung and unstrung tags in various sizes

Point of Sale

  • Till Rolls - A Grade, Thermal and 2 Ply
  • Cash Registers
  • Signs, Posters, Cards and Labels
  • "Sale" / "50% Off" / "Reduced" etc. Pre-Printed Signage
  • Fluorescent (similar to Day Glo) Stars & Cards
  • Opening Hours signage


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