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Light Bulbs

Betapak - Light Bulbs

No-one wants to be left in the dark when a light bulb blows - so you can call Betapak and we can get one to you the very next day!

We have a range which covers virtually every type of light fitting imaginable. We can really light up your day!

Lamps ("Bulbs")

  • Bayonet cap incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps
  • Edison Screw incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps
  • Halogen bulbs including GU10 and MR12 fittings
  • Energy saving lamps of all shapes and sizes
  • Varying wattages and light outputs

Strips and Fittings

  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Strip lights
  • Specialist lights
  • Ballasts and starters
  • Switches and chokes

Office and Desk Lighting

We also offer a range of desk and office lighting products.