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Betapak - Bags

Don't get caught out without a bag to hand - Betapak holds a huge selection of bags in different styles and sizes in stock.

Even if you are not sure what you are looking for, we're bound to have something that you can get carried away with!

Carrier Bags

A wide range of carriers in different sizes and pack quantities. Did you know we can custom print them for you? Your company logo and/or text of your choice.

  • Vest Carriers
  • Vari-gauge Hole Punch Carriers
  • Biodegradable
  • Twist/Paper Handle Paper Carriers
  • Range of sizes up to 25" x 32"
  • Packs of 100 or full cases

... and many more

Paper Bags

A selection of designs, sizes and patterns. Food grade bags available.

  • Brown Kraft
  • White Sulphite
  • Strung & Unstrung
  • Random Pattern / Starburst Designs
  • Candy Strip Design
  • Baguette Bags
  • Bread Satchels
  • Potato Sacks

... and many more

Polythene Bags

A full range of sizes and thicknesses for a multitude of uses. Food grade sterile bags.

  • 100 to 1000 gauge
  • Sizes from 4"x 6" to 36"x 48"
  • Perforated Bags
  • Re-seal Grip Bags with/out write-on panels
  • Knot Bags
  • Block Head Wall Bags

... and many more

Miscellaneous Commonly Requested Items

  • Card Bags - suitable for handmade cards to picture display
  • Fish Bags
  • Cellophane Bags and Small Satchels
  • Vegetable Net Bags
  • Organza Jewellery Bags
  • Mail Bags
  • T-shirt Bags (with safety notice)
  • Bespoke printed bags of any type/design